evepostappleOnce upon a time, there was a woman named Eve, who, unable to resist the luring temptation of a fragrant orchard, took a bite of forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. Perhaps Eve was bored. Perhaps she was ovulating and had a desperate craving for something sweet. Perhaps life in the little garden was becoming stressful or claustrophobic. Perhaps she felt out of control or lacked passion in her life and in order to numb her emotions or soothe herself from Adam's lack of attention or his ambivalence in starting a family, she chose to indulge. Perhaps Eve was an emotional eater. But as Eve soon discovered, neither the bite, nor the whole fruit fulfilled her as she had hoped. Not only did she realize she was naked but that she had contempt for the way she looked. Perhaps Eve suffered with body dismorphia. Eve tried to stop eating the forbidden fruit and eventually avoided eating altogether but that didn't work and she ended up eating until she could no longer breathe. The point of this is that Eve lost her intuitive ability to nourish herself. She no longer had balance in her life and was willing to do any and everything to get that back.

Maybe Eve didn't exist. Maybe the stories that were told are not as important as the stories we tell ourselves.

This blog is dedicated to creating new stories based on the philosophies of whole body nutrition, self-love, intuition, fitness and yoga.

In my journey I have sought to uncover the knowledge and balance which have brought me to a greater awareness of health and this is what I wish to share with you.

About Me

I am a holistic nutritionist, certified yoga instructor, athlete, healthy living chef, and published writer. I have spent the last four years of my life rebuilding all aspects of myself after recovering from an eating disorder. Follow me as I continue to eat clean, train hard, and discover balance mind, body and spirit. zainsaraswatijamal.com



    I have the honour of attending this year’s Wanderlust Festival in Whistler BC this weekend and I am so excited to be practicing with some of my favourite international and local yoga teachers including:

    Janet Stone

    Chris Chavez

    Clara Roberts-Oss

    Meghan Currie

    Reno Munez

    Eoin Finn

    Schuyler Grant

    and so so many others.

    The festival is such a special one in that there is a huge market place (Kula Market) as well as live music in and around the festival grounds as well as for each yoga class and one of my favourite aspects of the festival: the meditation hikes.

    I am looking forward to a day of peace, groundedness and opening amongst my fellow yogis and yoginis and I feel so blessed to be apart of this beautiful event. 

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